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Meet Your Life Coach

A Picture of Coach T

Coach T

Most of us begin to seek life coaching, when we feel like we have tried everything within our power to figure things out; but no matter how hard we have tried we still feel as if we have hit a dead end. Something in life, just does not feel right, and it is getting in the way of our happiness or peace of mind. I know how difficult it is to reach out for help and have personally been in that place myself. I will provide you with a safe and judgement free place to explore your options, process any negative emotions that may be holding you back, and improve your ability to set and meet your desired goals; so, you can move forward to the life you deserve.

Working with both adults individually and groups is my passion. I have my BA in psychology and am finishing my MA in marriage and family therapy. I have been a crisis counselor for a couple years now, and love working with people and watching them grow.

I believe life coaching gives a different perspective and understanding to a problem or issue a person is going through, similar to the view of a helicopter over a maze. It is much more difficult to see the way through the maze/ issue, when you are the person in the middle of it; but with a helicopter’s view or different perspective, this maze/ issue can be resolved or handled allowing the person to heal or achieve any goal set in front of them.

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